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Competency Models and Performance Management — Getting It Right

Many managers and employees greet the subject of performance management and annual reviews with the same attitude that one might bring to a morning of root canal work in the dentist’s chair. What has the potential to be the most meaningful employee engagement opportunity of the year is often seen as an awkward and archaic ritual.

Leadership and Management Development: 7 Key Factors for Success

When the subject of great leadership is raised in conversation, opinions range from misty-eyed memories of a great sports coach, to visions of Moses, leading his people into the Promised Land. Somewhere in the middle falls grateful acknowledgement of a manager who inspired and guided our progress in work or some other aspect of life.

Building the Foundations for Performance Management

Performance management is one of the most demanding challenges facing employers today. Along with winning in the “war” to attract talent, the development of that talent and the full engagement of employees—performance management is one of the cornerstones of a meaningful HR strategy. In reality, all that an organization does is performance management.