Achieving Sustainable Employment for Nunavut Inuit

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Baker Lake Training Program Participants Tour Local Employer’s Workplace at Arctic Fuel

As a result of the inter-generational effects of colonialism and the relatively recent transition to the wage economy, many Inuit in Nunavut face barriers to realizing their full potential in life. This can affect their ability to achieve their goals and acquire and maintain meaningful work.

Makigiaqta Inuit Training Corporation (MITC) has funded Performance Management Consultants (PMC) for a pilot program in Iqaluit to support Inuit to enter the workforce and succeed at their jobs.

This pilot program will support Inuit employees and their employers to:

  • Improve job retention and reduce turnover
  • Strengthen on-the-job communication, problem-solving and conflict resolution skills
  • Promote greater application of Inuit Societal Values (Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit) in the workplace
  • Share and develop employers’ best practices for orienting and retaining Inuit employees
  • Improve career goal setting, performance planning and giving and requesting feedback
  • Develop social and emotional skills for the workplace
  • Encourage the development of trauma-informed workplaces

Harnessing the Power of Inclusiveness and Human Potential

The pilot project will include:

  • Recruitment of mentors and/or Elder advisors for program participants
  • Networking and training events to foster career development, and build stronger working relationships between employers and employees
  • Activities to create a welcoming work environment through the application of Inuit Societal values
  • An orientation guide for employees offering tips for success in the workplace
  • A guide for employers in orientation, on-boarding and ongoing employment best practices

Despite barriers, Inuit employees want to succeed in the workforce and perform at the highest level they can.  Through training, activities and resources, this pilot will provide a foundation for overcoming existing barriers, and encouraging relationships of respect and trust between employers and their new hires. Ultimately, it will affirm the value of diversity, inclusiveness and the power of human potential.

Makigiaqta Inuit Training Corporation

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