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Employee and Community Survey

Successful organizations have satisfied, motivated, committed employees. These employees believe that they are making important personal contributions to the success of their organizations—and they’re right.

If you understand what makes your employees happy and what bothers them, you can create an environment in which they will do their best work.

Employee research gives you the tools to:

  • Demonstrate to employees that you are genuinely interested in them, their views and ideas
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in management performance and organizational policies, procedures and technology
  • Improve employee retention, avoiding the costs of recruiting and retraining replacements
  • Determine the implications of changes to current programs so that they can be managed and implemented in ways that will provide the greatest benefit
  • Move employee issues and concerns to the top of the management agenda
  • Gather information for management decision-making
  • Identify important issues and take the guesswork out of HR decision making

PMC can help you through the process, from creation of questions to analysis of data and development of recommendations. Employees can complete the survey online; those who prefer can complete a paper survey that PMC staff will enter.

Do the research: you can make your operation more efficient, your costs lower, and your employees happier.