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Community Development Strategies

A common vision

A sustainable community develops toward the vision of its members. All aspects of community life—health, education, infrastructure, culture, social issues, natural resources, the environment, the economy—are important.

That vision combines the wisdom of every member of the community: the elders and the youth, the men and the women, the salaried employees and those engaged in traditional subsistence activities, those with little formal education and the university graduates.

Defining and implementing your community’s vision

Each community will follow its own path, but there will always be common elements:

  • Background research and preliminary planning
  • Examining obstacles and advantages within the community
  • Identifying obstacles and opportunities outside the community
  • Engaging to create a common vision
  • Developing a plan to achieve the vision
  • Implementing the plan
  • Monitoring and evaluating your success

Your community’s vision will not define itself. PMC can help you find your vision and move toward it—in ways that will change your community and every community member who participates in the process.

PMC can also help you identify indicators of success, so that the effectiveness of community efforts can be evaluated and adjusted.

Capacity building

While expertise like that offered by PMC may be needed at various points—especially in the early stages—the long term objective should be to cultivate that expertise within your community.

To be sustainable and self-sufficient, a community needs to develop and retain a diverse talent pool. Strong leadership and a consistent vision can make the services of outside firms like ours unnecessary. Our role is to share tools and transfer knowledge
—and to watch you succeed.