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Community Skills Inventories

Every member of every community has a special set knowledge, skills and abilities.

Some communities inventory member knowledge, skills and abilities—those people have, and those they’re interested in developing. The preparation of such an inventory highlights the collective talents and aspirations of the community and can inspire discussion and exploration of opportunities for personal and community growth. Members of the community may be encouraged and challenged to develop skills and abilities that maximize self-reliance, personal growth and contribution to the broader community.

A community skills inventory can be especially helpful if mining, energy or other economic development projects are planned near traditional territories.

PMC can help each community find its unique approach, through activities including:

  • community engagement exercises;
  • online questionnaires and face-to-face interviews to inventory training, education, employment experience and interests;
  • literacy, numeracy and other testing and training to identify and overcome barriers to training and employment;
  • development of a community human resources plan, and;
  • development of pre-employment skills such as resume preparation and interviewing.