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Financial Services

Making sense of the numbers

There is nothing magical about finances and financial statements. But financial reporting has a language and a logic of its own, especially in government and not-for-profit settings. PMC can take the mystery out of financial management for staff and leadership.

We can assist in establishing financial policies and procedures that provide transparency and accountability to stakeholders, members or funders. We can advise on debt reduction strategies, assist in streamlining reporting or help improve your data collection or cash flow management.

We can also develop and deliver training materials and programs to train teams of managers, boards and councils or mentor individuals in:

  • understanding and preparing financial statements
  • budgeting and financial planning for non-profits
  • dealing with the red tape of project funding
  • general financial oversight
  • budgeting policy (the why and the what)
  • budgeting procedures (the when and the how)
  • cash, investment and asset management

PMC can tailor its service offerings to your specific needs. We will provide as much or as little support as you need to get the job done. In some places, that may mean providing the services of an interim treasurer who does most of the work. In others, PMC can train and mentor people as they grow into their roles.

It’s up to you.