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Governance Development

Canada’s Centre for First Nations Governance defines governance as “the traditions, values, culture, language and institutions that an organization uses to fulfil their purpose.” Effective governance creates legitimate, accountable and transparent structures that ensure sustainable and ethical practices to meet the needs of all members or stakeholders.

We help you achieve this by understanding your reality and helping you to define your governance challenges and aspirations. We work with small groups to define the principles of governance, document the processes for each political or administrative area of operation, and create an accountability framework that defines officer and employee accountabilities across the operation.

Governance defines accountability, processes and controls that give your organization credibility.  Whether driven by member expectations, funding, agency criteria or other dynamics, sound and disciplined governance is fundamental to organizational growth.

Enlightened leaders know that sound governance is the lasting foundation on which any organization builds its future.

Whether you need to build a complete governance framework or just to strengthen a few areas, PMC can help.

Some Tools of Governance

Codes: While enforced by an elected Council, these regulations or standards can only be enacted or amended by a majority of the community. Codes typically govern such areas as elections, financial management, grievance resolution and administration.

Policies: These directives define the scope and context of action in areas such as human resources, finance and health and safety.

Procedures: These detailed directions tell staff how policies must be executed.