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Training for Elected Officials

In any discussion of good governance, leadership is the first factor likely to come up. That should come as no surprise: nothing is tougher than leading an organization through changing times.

The things that are expected of a leader seem to come more easily to some people than to others. But effective training, coaching and development can make everyone a better leader.

Indigenous communities have a world view and values that differ from the wider Canadian community. These differences include a preference for decision making by consensus, a greater respect for the authority of Elders, and traditional methods for selecting leaders. PMC’s consultants are sensitive to these differences in perspective.

PMC will work with your elected officials and senior managers to build key competencies with leadership development, one-on-one coaching and special projects—to put success factors in place. We use an internationally recognized model developed by the UN-Habitat organization that focuses on the 12 key leadership competencies for good governance:

  • leading
  • representing
  • communicating
  • facilitating
  • using power
  • making decisions
  • making policy
  • enabling
  • negotiating
  • financing
  • overseeing
  • building institutions

This program is ideally suited to developing the unity, vision and capability of elected councils, representative boards or committees and other entities with various stakeholders.