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Executive Recruitment Assessment

Indigenous organizations and communities face enormous challenges in education, economic development, community development and political advocacy.  And the market for managers and leaders with the necessary skills and qualities to help your organizations and communities meet those challenges grows more competitive every day.

PMC will help you design a selection process to recruit capable candidates. We can:

  • Collaborate with you to develop the job description and competency profile
  • Help you find—and be found by—candidates with the skills and qualities you need
  • Develop tools to match the candidate’s personality and profile to the job
  • Conduct pre-interview personality assessments
  • Short-list applicants based on your must have criteria

Once we’ve developed your short list, we can help you design and manage the interview process. We can work with you to develop interview questions and scoring tools, we can coach your interview panel in competency-based behavioural interviewing, and we can facilitate the decision-making process.

There is no magic to recruitment: it calls for intuition and judgement combined with sound process, focused interviewing techniques and objective analysis.

PMC can work with you to design and facilitate a fair and transparent process that identifies a pool of qualified candidates. This will let you apply your judgment to finding the best personal and cultural fit.

In recruitment, you bet on people. We will help you find and hire the executive talent you need.