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HR Audits and Strategies

Human Resource Audit

A human resource audit examines all aspects of HR management and practice. PMC’s audit process generates recommendations to maximize the commitment, competence and value of all human resources.

An HR audit will provide the foundation for the strategies, structures and programs that will enable your organization to meet the current and emerging needs of your members and stakeholders. The audit begins with a fact-finding consultation to gain an appreciation of your history, structures and challenges. Understanding your cultural and organizational needs and aspirations helps us recommend solutions that respect and take full advantage of the unique qualities of your organization or community.

An Employee Engagement Survey will capture data on employee attitudes to such as job satisfaction, management, communication, training, organizational culture and levels of employee engagement. With this information you can target HR investments in ways that will offer both a high return and a baseline for measuring future progress.

An HR Function Audit ensures that the HR department is appropriately structured and staffed; has the right systems, processes and technology; complies with the law; and measures the things it needs to measure.

A Program and Practices Audit examines various areas of HR activity and responsibility, including recruitment and selection, training and development, performance management, communication, compensation and benefits, succession planning and talent management.

PMC will work with you to develop an HR audit program tailored to the needs of your organization or community.