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Job Descriptions and Job Evaluations

Clear job descriptions make both job and employee evaluations—equally vital to any organization’s compensation program—possible. Job evaluations help you make those difficult apples-and-oranges decisions about the relative value of various positions. They help you develop an equitable compensation program.

Job evaluation assesses the job that needs to be done, not necessarily as it is now performed and not necessarily as it is likely to evolve. Job evaluation begins with an accurate description of the role and responsibilities and tells you what the position is worth, relative to other positions in your organization.

When recruiting, job descriptions tell you about the candidates you should recruit and how you should describe the role to them; job evaluations tell you—in the context of your organization’s compensation program—what you should pay them.

PMC can help your organization create or enhance your library of job descriptions, and help you create or rebuild your job evaluation program. We can help you build fairness into your compensation structure.