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Management / Leadership Development

Your community or organization can develop as far as the vision, abilities and confidence of its members will carry it. Managers and leaders must shape that vision, build those abilities and harness that confidence.

PMC can help you equip your leadership team with the skills, attitudes and behaviours to lead the way toward your shared purpose and goals. We will develop learning objectives and activities aligned with your needs and aspirations. In consultation with your community or organization, we will develop a tailored program that combines a competency-based framework with theory, skills, self-awareness, coaching, real-world project tasks and participant action plans.

We will create a safe environment where participants can explore new ideas, new attitudes and new behaviours. We will help your people become empowered leaders.

An in-house management and leadership development program will enable your organization to:

  • Develop common management language, models and concepts
  • Explore organizational issues and challenges in a learning environment
  • Enhance personal relationships
  • Increase self-esteem and personal vision through group support and coaching
  • Move forward with a fresh sense of collective motivation

A capable leadership team is fundamental to the success of any endeavour. Whether you face change, require capacity-building or need to pursue economic development opportunities, PMC’s expertise, experience and sensitivity to Indigenous culture and values will help ensure your success.