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Operations and Skills Training

What do you need to learn?

The most important part of any skills training process isn’t selecting the instructor, preparing the instructional materials and filling the classroom. The most important step is figuring out who needs to be in the room, and what they need to learn.

PMC will work with you to understand your organization’s training needs and meet them with culturally appropriate content delivered by culturally sensitive trainers. We offer more than 75 courses and certificate programs that can be delivered whenever and wherever you need them. Topics include a complete range of business skills, including leadership and management development, project and event management, administrative skills, personal effectiveness, interpersonal communications, and software use.

If we don’t provide a course your people need, we will find someone who does.

The value of our training is not limited to what your community or your organization needs today. Education and training can lead employees or community members to opportunities that you—and they—may not have thought possible.

Creating a training plan

Any complex organization requires people with a broad range of skills. That neatly organized matrix of skills does not happen by accident. It is the product of hard work and a planning process with three important parts:

  • identifying the skills required for each position in your organization
  • evaluating the skills of each employee
  • deciding what training is needed, who needs it, and how to provide it

PMC will work with you to understand your training requirements, and then to plan and deliver the training programs you need.

Administration skills in Indigenous organizations

Customized to meet the needs of individual clients and workplaces, including band offices; tribal council offices; provincial and/or national organizations, and social agencies, this training will cover the key roles and responsibilities associated with the effective and efficient management of the office environment.