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Performance Management

Managing Employee Performance

Employee appraisals that honestly address both strengths and weaknesses are one of the most important and valuable contributions a manager can make. Some managers are uncomfortable judging others and find appraisals challenging, but evaluating performance is a manager’s job. It can’t be left to the people in human resources.

Performance management begins with the recruitment process. To ensure a good job fit, it requires proper orientation to the job, clear goals and standards, and training.

Annual reviews are still valuable but should be viewed more as important communication opportunities. Feedback on employee performance should be given by the manager on a daily or weekly basis, not left to a once-a-year discussion.

Effective performance management creates a fairer and more efficient workplace: fairer because hard-working, effective employees can be recognized and rewarded; more efficient because employees who need support and direction can be identified and given the help they need.

Performance management helps both the employee and the employer succeed. PMC will review your processes, propose improvements and coach managers to help them give constructive feedback every day of the year.