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Team Building

Building your team

Sometimes great teams just fall into place. And sometimes it takes a bit of effort.

PMC will work with your team to clarify roles and responsibilities and make sure that your people have the tools to collaborate and communicate effectively. Our facilitators understand that a team-building exercise in an Indigenous organization or community must recognize that participants will bring a holistic—rather than individualistic—view of the world.

PMC will bring a focus on the future and work with you to select the mix of traditional and modern tools—from learning circles to focus groups to team-building exercises—that will best strengthen your team, reduce stress and minimize conflict.

Does your organization need a team-building exercise?

Most workers are happiest when part of an organization that provides feedback on their performance, a sense of accomplishment, and opportunities to grow. They want to be engaged. People want to be valued members of strong, well-balanced teams in which:

  • People care about the work and about each other
  • There is little conflict or conflict avoidance
  • Team members are motivated; they care about results
  • People communicate and collaborate well
  • Team members understand and manage outside pressures
  • People rarely complain or make excuses
  • People respect each other and their managers
  • The team delivers good work, on-time and within budget

Problems within teams can eat up 40 percent or more of your people’s time. If you’re having problems in any of these areas, ask how PMC can help strengthen your team.

How can team-building initiatives help?

Team-building can improve:

  • Communications among your staff
  • Productivity and creativity motivation, cooperation and collaboration
  • Job satisfaction and commitment
  • Clear work objectives operating policies and procedures