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Organization Design

A change initiative is often driven by either crisis or the need to adjust to new expectations, fiscal constraints, new priorities or demands from clients and stakeholders, changing markets or a wide range of uncontrollable variables.  Whatever is driving your organization’s need to change, PMC can help you structure for success.

This could mean a complete overhaul of structure, or require only smaller changes with a focus on specific aspects of the organization. Our organization design experts are active listeners and provide advice and solutions tailored to your specific needs. This advice is based on a careful analysis of your organization, its strategic objectives and the pressures that affect organizational performance. Our findings, options and recommendations are presented to management and, as appropriate, to their teams for discussion. Once an option is approved, we help with planning migration to the changed structure.  

As full service consultants, PMC’s specialists will be involved throughout the process. This may involve advising on timing and rate of implementation, developing a communications strategy to keep members of the organization informed of progress and how it will affect them, advising on how new positions can be resourced, and other implications of structural change, such as how the placement of work stations affects the flow of information, for example. 

If you’re considering re-designing your organization, call us to find out how we can help make structural change as smooth a process as possible.