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Strategic and Business Planning

Planning to Succeed

Strategic planning helps organizations and communities answer two vital questions:

  • Where are we?
  • Where do we want and need to be?

Business planning answers the next (more tactical) question: How do we get there from here?
Strategic and business planning map out a path and define the steps from the actual present to the desired future.

Many people are intimidated by the idea of strategic planning. They shouldn’t be. It is mostly a matter of asking good questions and thinking hard about the implications of the answers. But it always works best with an impartial facilitator—someone without a personal stake in the outcome.

Business planning—the implementation part—requires the help of a different sort of specialist. It calls for someone who understands finance, customer service, marketing and operations and who can combine that understanding with knowledge of your organization to help you deliver the results you’ve defined in your strategic plan.

PMC can provide facilitators and business planners who will make sure the right questions are asked and answered and who will help your organization or community find a path—your path—to the future you desire.

Integrated Strategic Planning

PMC’s integrated approach to strategic planning fits a world of constant change.

Planning must provide both broad long-term direction and a continuous focus on your organization’s ability to deliver today and tomorrow and ten years from now. It helps you deal with a constantly moving target.

Organizational Strategy describes the approach an organization will take to advance its Mission and fulfil its Vision.

Program Strategy defines and evaluates the processes and tools used to achieve the goals—specific outcomes for targeted audiences and stakeholders—required by the Mission and Vision.

Operational Strategy manages the work of the systems, processes, people and other resources in support of the goals required by the Mission and Vision.