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Over the past 20 years, PMC has built a strong reputation as a trusted advisor to Indigenous organizations. We are committed to supporting our clients as they work to reclaim identity, language, culture and their self-governing nationhood which has been systematically undermined by colonialism, the legacy of the Residential School System, and ongoing underfunding for basic infrastructure and services.

We employ best practices and contemporary methods and tools that are appropriate to the need, but recognize that they are only useful and effective when integrated and grounded in the culture and societal values of those we serve.  We see our role as supportive of the objectives and vision of our Indigenous clients and we commit ourselves to that vision.  We take our work seriously and do all we can to be deserving of the trust of our clients.

Our greatest reward is in seeing the results of helping individuals and organizations grow and prosper. We value diversity, honesty, quality, humour, tolerance and the power of human potential. In this context, we support our clients in their journey to unlock the full potential of their organization, employees, members and communities.

We strive to assist our clients in developing a clear understanding of the issues, draw the correct conclusions and develop practical solutions that can be implemented without undue disruption to the organization’s activities.  PMC will never recommend anything that is not in the best interest of the client. If we can assist, we will; if we cannot, we will say so.

We always strive to exceed your expectations as we work together with our clients to recover, reimagine and recreate Indigenous nation-building.