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Our Approach and Philosophy

At PMC, we believe that to do anything really well, you should love what you do and do it with passion. In this context, we value diversity, honesty, quality, humour, tolerance and the power of human potential.

We thrive on helping individuals and organizations grow and prosper. PMC continually strives to encourage relationships of mutual respect and trust across organizations at every level and to affirm the positive outcomes of teamwork.

We seek to add value in every situation, whether helping you to access resources outside our service offerings or providing pragmatic advice on a sensitive matter. We are always striving to exceed your expectations, but not your budget!

To ensure that we give you ‘an edge’, we stay in touch with the latest thinking in all areas of organization and human behaviour through our memberships in professional associations, attendance at leading edge conferences and a wide range of other progressive vehicles. We employ respected principles of management consulting, constantly seeking out best practices to share with our clients and always engaging consultants who are experts in their fields.

We take our work seriously. Our style is direct and informal, supported by an uncompromising quest for excellence. We know that our work can have significant psychological, relational and financial implications. We do all we can to be deserving of the trust of clients and above all, we believe that consultants should ‘do no harm’.

We take a truly consultative approach with our clients and are active listeners. We work with our clients to develop a clear understanding of the issues, draw the correct conclusions and develop practical solutions. PMC will never recommend anything that is not in the best interest of the client. If we can assist we will; if we cannot, we will say so.


Our approach to consulting services is, of course, dictated by the clients’ requests and the consulting discipline involved. Initially, there are discussions and meetings with the client representative, and based on our extensive experience, we suggest the best way to proceed. We listen carefully to the clients, in order to fully understand what we are being asked to do, and then we prepare a proposal, setting out the statement of work, the cost and the timeframes. This ensures that there is a common understanding of the project, beginning to end, and what is expected of everyone involved.

While we make sure we are current on the latest thinking in management consulting, each of our consulting solutions is tailored to the client’s needs – no flavour of the month approach from PMC! Moreover, we develop practical solutions that usually can be implemented without undue disruption to your business activities. PMC is there to help with change management in a variety of capacities, from advisor to facilitator, tailored to your needs.