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Bill Bradford

Bill Bradford

Bill is an experienced consultant in Indigenous matters who works in the areas of capacity building, strategic planning, operational effectiveness and human resources.

He has worked internationally in both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations where he has learned that mutual respect and flexibility are at the heart of a meaningful client-advisor relationship.

His education and experience in personal and organizational behaviour equips him with excellent facilitation and consensus building skills where he is able to help others translate complex issues into achievable goals and results. Bill brings common sense, mature judgement and a relaxed style to his work. His approach includes bringing his own expertise to the deliberations while helping clients discover their own solutions to their issues so that knowledge transfer and local ownership is a part of every undertaking.

Although he has a strong commercial background which is helpful in areas such as economic development, Bill’s life journey has always been driven by a commitment to social justice and human development. He believes that “Whatever the issue on the table, whether an Impact Benefit Agreement or an issue of community development, it is always for and about the people—their hopes and dreams, their rights, their healing or their needs.”

His great satisfaction is to play a part in assisting individuals and groups achieve things that they did not think were possible. In his work with First Nations, Bill has learned that respect reduces conflict; that social harmony and unity is the means to achievement; and that with effective leadership and determination people can achieve anything.

Bill is passionately committed to the redress of historic injustice and to the inherent legal and moral right of all Indigenous peoples to sustainable self-determination as they follow the path to a renewed nationhood.