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Bo Passey

Bo Passey

Bo has over 35 years of experience in private industry in a fast-paced global Consumer Goods Company. He held roles across plant operations, supply chain, logistics, engineering, innovation and customer service.

He has been able to deliver sustainable and balanced bottom line results with a strategic focus on culture, team and people development.

He has proven mastery in strategic planning, team building, diversity & inclusion, technical skill development, leadership skill development, community business development, college partnerships, project and program management.

Bo has worked in Canada, US and Argentina. He has a commitment and passion for helping people and organizations achieve their fullest potential. He has partnered with the education system in development of strategies to equip students with the skills they need for future jobs.

Bo is part of a PMC team providing consulting services, strategic advice and delivering training in support of maximizing Indigenous employment in several large-scale projects in the powerline, mining and hospitality industries in Canada’s north.