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Dave Neely

Dave Neely

Dave delivers workshops on emotional intelligence, dealing with difficult people, leading with emotional intelligence, presentation skills and customer service. He is interested in working with youth, hopes to develop a session on employee engagement and can provide remote personal development coaching using his online DISC Behavioural Assessment. 

Dave graduated in psychology from Queen’s University, and has been delivering soft skills training for more than 25 years. But his work in Nunavut during the last few years has been a great adventure and the highlight of his career. He loved Nunavut from his first visit, and felt an immediate connection with the warm, generous Inuit.

The connection seems mutual: at the end of his first workshop in Iqaluit, nobody wanted to leave. He finds it very rewarding to work with people from this learning culture. Dave believes that his customer service experience was excellent preparation for his work as an instructor: “I focus on giving each participant as much individual attention as I can to address their specific needs and concerns.”

Dave believes he makes a difference not only through the way he engages his classes, but also in the personal relationships he develops. He has kept in touch with a number of participants from his workshops.

The difficulty of travel between northern communities is a small price, says Dave: “I love going there.” When he visits, Dave is delighted that there is never a shortage of volunteer tour guides.  In nine visits—and counting—he has learned a great deal about the unique challenges facing residents of northern communities. And is ready to learn more.