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David Jones

David Jones

David is a dynamic adult educator, trainer, facilitator, coach and keynote speaker, and the author of PassionWorks! Your Guide to Passion in the Modern Workplace. He spent two years researching the book: interviewing more than 200 successful North Americans and Europeans on the importance of passion at work.

He studied sociology and business at Wilfrid Laurier University, and did graduate work in adult education studies at St. Francis Xavier University. His background enables him to draw on a wide range of research and experience to tailor solutions for clients across North America and Europe

His learning programs—including coaching, change management, facilitation and leadership—work because they are well-designed and because he delivers them with humour and energy. Clients and participants alike say his workshops are inspiring experiences that help map the road to the future. 

David’s founded an Internet startup in the 1990s. His business background and his education allow him to draw on a broad range of experience and research as he works with Indigenous leaders and communities to tailor solutions to manage change—to help them find unique paths to the future. 

David is passionate about the project of “making the world a better place.” Whether you need a conversation or keynote, David can bring his passion to your community.