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Diane King

Diane King

Diane has a Master’s degree in Human Systems Intervention and specializes in change and transition management as well as leadership development. “Everything I do,” she says, “is about understanding human and group dynamics.” She has travelled extensively and believes that her exposure to many cultures, especially in Africa, the Caribbean and the Polynesian countries, gives her insights that add value for her clients.

Diane’s leadership development program, for chiefs, councils and senior management, involves monthly workshops that focus on specific topics and case studies that draw on her clients’ current situations. With her coaching and consulting, participants can apply theories and skills as they learn them. Diane brings a variety of perspectives to the table and has her clients consider options that reflect their communities’ unique needs and contexts.

Diane also consults in the areas of strategic planning and board governance.

What Diane finds most rewarding about her work in Indigenous communities is learning about the history and culture that motivate her clients. Her curiosity and compassion help her engage her clients in telling their stories.

Diane’s goal is to build capacity, so she encourages her clients to take on leadership roles in the workshops. They sometimes facilitate workshop activities and, aided by her supportive coaching, build the skills they need to facilitate discussions back at work.

Diane believes it is important to challenge participants, respectfully and with humour, to help them expand their views and their comfort zones. “I love helping people to see what they are capable of. I love watching them shine.”