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Emma Baker

Emma Baker

Emma was born and raised in the Greater Toronto Area and moved to Ottawa full time after completing her Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and Criminal Justice with a concentration in Law at Carleton University. She joined PMC as a Program Coordinator and Administrator on the Indigenous Renewal Team in early 2020. She is excited to use her passion for Indigenous rights and justice in her current role supporting PMC’s work in Nunavut and consulting for her Indigenous clients.

Emma discovered her affinity for human rights and advocacy during her diverse undergraduate studies and law-related extracurricular activities. A practicum placement with an environmental organization gave her a start in the non-profit world and experience performing administrative and planning work. She considers herself a people-person, and has a history of work in the hospitality industry, as well as volunteering with organizations like the Carleton Peer Support Sexual Assault Line, Mississauga Food Bank and Oakville Humane Society.

In her spare time Emma enjoys staying active, horseback riding, being outdoors, and exploring all that Ottawa has to offer.

She is committed to working in a position where she has a positive, tangible impact on Inuit, First Nations and Métis lives.