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Kathleen Moriarty

Kathleen Moriarty

Kathleen Moriarty has spent most of her teaching career working with adult learners, and her passion for this work knows no bounds.

She seeks out all of those special opportunities, one of the most recent being with Cuso International as a volunteer English Trainer at the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism in NayPyiTaw, Myanmar. While there she also worked with a small non‐profit organization that teaches English, Japanese and Korean to “hardworking citizens” so that they can learn to make a life for themselves free of poverty. She still volunteers with this organization – JEK Language Centre – virtually, and has been honoured with the title, “International English Language Expert”. The focus in these opportunities was on life and work skills, in addition to language learning, communication skills and presentation skills.

Kathleen has taught English as a Second Language to many students over the years, including working with a local refugee group who sponsored a family from Colombia. The adults had no formal education and could speak only Spanish so the focus was on language and life and work skills.

She has taught Inuit and/or First Nations older teens and older adult students in Newfoundland and Labrador, Nunavut and BC.