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Kinwa Bluesky

Kinwa Bluesky

Kinwa has more than 10 years of experience in Indigenous community engagement. She works with organizations, leaders and groups in strategic planning, organizational development, fundraising and project management. She is also a legal researcher and writer, a policy advisor, a human resource consultant and a contract manager. She specializes in helping her clients find the way forward…whatever that way may be and wherever it may lead.

Kinwa is a PhD candidate in the University of British Columbia Faculty of Law and a graduate of the University of Victoria Faculty of Law.

The most challenging part of her work is bringing multiple stakeholders together in order to create change. Passion and commitment are important, but they are only the starting point—Kinwa is an activator who helps people develop practical plans to turn their ideas into action. She helps them decide what they’re trying to accomplish and how to accomplish it. “I bring the energy and the organization,” she says.

Kinwa defines success carefully: sometimes confronting and overcoming challenges can take her clients in unexpected—and beautiful—directions. “The end,” she says, “is never really the end.”