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Moira White

Moira White

Moira is a lifelong learner with a BA in social work and a master’s degree in social policy, who has discovered a passion for people, words and ideas.

“I started out as a social worker in Indigenous communities,” said Moira. “And now I’m a teacher.”

Moira feels honoured to be “part of the renewal process.” She teaches writing, plain language and editing—for whatever materials her students need to prepare—and provides individual and small-group coaching.

“I look for opportunities to use available technology. I’ve asked students to use their phones to look up words and send emails.” Moira enjoys showing people new ways of doing things, and being sought out for advice after the formal teaching day has ended.

Patient and curious, Moira loves seeing progress from one two-day program to the next. Because people learn in different ways, her workshops combine theory and hands-on practice, individual and small-group work.

Indigenous communities and organizations are working hard to teach new skills and provide opportunities to their members and staff. Moira has learned to adapt to changing communication styles and technologies, She recognizes both the need to constantly update her skills and the importance of teaching in a way that makes her students want to learn. “I never expected to be teaching this much,” Moira said. “But it’s wonderful.”

When she’s not teaching, Moira loves to spend time with her children and grandchildren, and working with her hands—knitting, quilting, and sewing. She shares her passions for family and crafts with many in the Indigenous communities where she works.