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Sue Faubert

Sue Faubert

Sue has been coaching, conducting training programs, facilitating workshops and seminars and tailoring course materials for 20 years. Her focus is on providing communications and social behaviour training. Her most popular courses are Managing Difficult People, Conflict Resolution and Managing Difficult Conversations.

Sue studied travel and tourism and spent three years abroad absorbing new cultures and becoming sensitive to the ways of other peoples. She later moved into training because it made use of her patience and her sensitivity to other people’s learning styles. She enjoys making it easy for people to learn.

She was particularly moved by her experience in The Gambia, where “they look like they have nothing, but they have so much.” She learned the value of appreciating and loving the land rather than money, of choosing family life over a big-screen television.

Sue loves working with and getting to know people from other walks of life. She loves training because it harnesses her desire to help others succeed. The hardest part of her work is the need to be away from her family for a week or more at a time, which is not uncommon when she works in Indigenous communities in northern Quebec and Nunavut.

Her strength is her ability to meet and promptly read people. The reward is what she learns from them, and getting to watch them having fun as they learn. She gets to see their “aha” moments.

“They treat you like you’re part of the family.” It’s a rewarding experience for everyone.