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Tom Regehr

Tom Regehr

Tom is a dynamic presenter, educator and speaker who works to connect his clients and participants to the minds and hearts of those they are working with or supporting.  For the last 15 years Tom has been helping professionals, corporations and communities better understand the roles of trauma and unresolved grief in their clients and in workplace stress — fostering an empathetic understanding of these issues as they play out in the workplace.

Tom brings to this work 10 years of prior experience as a successful project manager from his first career in contracting and consulting, where he first learned that understanding the clients needs was the key to success. Tom has always been passionate about working directly with people; getting to understand them and help them to move ahead in a safe and productive way that empowers them to understand their own emotions and the complexity of the emotions surrounding their experience is what energizes and fuels him.

Working in small, rural communities, where access to funding and supports are limited has always been a priority for Tom who lives in rural Ontario and uses community connections to bring people to the table and look at ways to improve the human condition and break the cycle of generational struggles. Tom has had the pleasure to work in First Nation communities in rural southern Canada as well as in the East coast and the Northwest Territories.

Whoever the audience may be, Tom’s approach, connection and insights are found to be profound and unique.  His use of humour and narrative help to balance out the often uncomfortable nature of the discussion of trauma.

Tom says, “Your stance towards your work has a greater impact on the experience than the successes and calamity that may happen along the way.”  Talking to people about prevention and mitigation of negative stress and traumatic overwhelm gives Tom a significant amount of joy as it fuels his life mission to reduce suffering.