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Woody Huizenga

Woody Huizenga

Woody is a gifted writer, editor and communications planner who has studied political science, public administration and adult education.

He has been a legislative assistant at the House of Commons and a consultant to studies and inquiries into environmental protection, energy efficiency, sustainable development, transportation, training, elections, agriculture, fisheries and public health.

Woody can prepare case studies, backgrounders, plans, speeches, newsletters, discussion summaries, minutes, promotional materials, annual reports, proposals, brochures, articles, web content and media releases.

More than 20 years ago, Woody had an assignment that made him a better writer. The Northern Region of the Canadian Coast Guard needed a brochure to explain its role to a largely Inuit audience. Drafting with the advice of several Inuit, Woody learned to avoid abstractions like “so-many barrels” in favour of phrases like “enough fuel for three winters.” He learned to write on a human scale.

Woody believes that the human scale is always the best choice.